Bainbridge Island Recreation Center

Small Group Training

We’re working hard to offer various classes for various ages! To sign up for Small Group Training classes, please register online at, on the app, or call the Front Desk at 206-842-5661. Limited capacity up to 4-8 people — Sign up now! For questions, email Marie Figgins at

*No cancellations/refunds seven days before the start date.

Women on Weights

Ages 16 and up. Women On Weights is a program designed to engage and teach women of all ages and abilities the importance of exercise, specifically resistance training. This four-week program will teach participants proper techniques for practice and the benefits of training.

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Women on Weights 2.0

Ages 16 and up. Women On Weights is a program designed to engage and teach women of all ages and abilities the importance of exercise, specifically resistance training. This four-week program will teach participants proper exercise techniques and the benefits of training. Our goal is that by the end of this program, you feel like the STRONG, POWERFUL, and KNOWLEDGABLE woman that you are and that this will translate into you being confident and comfortable within the gym setting. Please note that this is not a Fitness Workout, but you will learn proper techniques to continue after completing the program. This class is for women that want to learn bigger lifts, squats, deadlifts, and more. We will use barbells, cable machines, and dumbbells — prerequisite Women on Weights or approval by the trainer.

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Ages 16 and up. Get strong, reduce body fat, and increase core stability with TRX. Kristine will combine TRX’s low-impact strength training with fun plyometrics and resistance tubing to create a fantastic total body workout. Develop and maintain a solid core with increased flexibility and endurance while burning calories and increasing your strength. Each session will include cardio and strength intervals in the popular HIIT format. 

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TRX 101

Ages 16 and up. Utilize the strong, versatile TRX® straps to leverage individual bodyweight into hundreds of safe, effective exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, and balance with a focus on your core! It is time to meet your match. Get a great cardio strength workout. This class is an excellent start for beginners and those new to TRX training.

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Kickboxing Foundations

Learn an exciting new skill and get a great workout doing it. This beginner-friendly program will familiarize you with kickboxing’s strikes, positioning, and conditioning fundamentals. Our progressive Instruction will use standing bags and pad work to cover how to throw punches and kicks safely and how to avoid them! Bring hand wraps and boxing gloves for the best experience, but we can easily teach without them. Join us to become more precise, agile, and powerful in your movement.

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Aerial Next Level

This class is intended for intermediate-to-advance students who have completed the Aerial Yoga Intro series or comparable experience. We will explore more flow-style classes with more advanced progressions and poses, deeper core strengthening, deconstructing poses with longer holds, and more yogi play time to challenge yourself or just hang. Don’t worry; it includes floating meditation to rest, renew and rejuvenate your practice.

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Aerial Yoga Private Sessions-NEW!

One-on-one private sessions, partner or BFF sessions, adult/teen small group sessions. Personalized consultation to customize your needs/ desires for an Antigravity Yoga Fitness Session. Great option to explore before trying one of the aerial series. Progress at your own pace and experience the freedom of flight! Email to schedule a complimentary consult.

Intro to Aerial Yoga Workshop

Age 13 and up. Open to first-timers and all levels who desire a more distilled offering of the fundamentals in a one-day workshop format. It is a condensed version of the fundamentals of aerial yoga, building strength, flexibility, stamina, confidence, and balance safely with the support of the hammock. All the benefits of reducing stress, pain, and anxiety are available to experience with a sampling of what aerial yoga offers. Turn your new year and perspective upside-down, and hang with us for the day!

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Intro to Play for Teen/Tween NEW!

Have a kiddo in your life who needs to experience the joy of flight? We are so excited to announce our series. Bea Rosner will lead kids aged 10-14 (you know your kiddo best!) through beginner-friendly playful movements and sequences over six weeks.

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Antigravity Yoga Fitness Series

Feeling the wear and tear of daily life as gravity takes a toll? Hanging upside down in a hammock, or an inversion, using a silk fabric hammock can decompress vertebrae and joints, restoring the cushion of space between them. Full body workouts take the pressure off all your joints and many other benefits—restore, revitalize, and destress. Accessible for all levels and experiences.

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HIIT Strength

Ages 16 and up. This class will take your training to the next level by teaching proper form and technique while keeping your heart rate up. Incorporating traditional barbell training, battle ropes, kettlebells, med balls and plyometrics into HIIT format (High Intensity Interval Training). This class will help you gain strength and increase confidence in the weight room. Focusing on the four main lifts, (squats, deadlifts, overhead press (OHP), pull ups. Take your workouts up a notch! Previous lifting background encouraged.

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Teens Intro to Strength Training

A full introduction to strength training for young men ages 13-17 beginner to intermediate levels! This after-school class will meet for 4 weeks, twice a week. Designed to build a solid foundation and build strength in upper and lower body lifts, using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and bodyweight movements. Build a strong foundation with in-depth and hands-on coaching by a trained Strength and conditioning specialist to ensure that you get the best results from your training while staying injury free.


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Teens Intro to Strength Training

A full introduction to strength training for young women ages 13-17 beginner to intermediate levels! This after-school class will meet for 4 weeks, twice a week. Designed to build a solid foundation and build strength in upper and lower body lifts, using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and bodyweight movements. Build a strong foundation with in-depth and hands-on results from your training while staying injury free.


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Dudes and Dumbells

Ages 18 and up. Start the new year off right with an all-skill levels welcome course for men. You will learn the fundamentals and top-notch guidance on how to build muscle, increase strength, lose fat, and stay committed. Led by certified personal trainer and bodybuilding coach who will take a hands-on approach to help you learn what you need to achieve your fitness goals this winter and spring. Classes will focus on compound resistance movements with accessory movements mixed in to provide proper muscle stimulus. We will focus on understanding proper muscular contraction and articulation to prevent injury while performing resistance movements such as barbell bench press and dumbbell shoulder press. In the class we will use a variety of tools such as kettlebells, barbells, resistance band and dumbbells of course.


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Meditation Workshop

Ages 13 and up. Have you been reading about the benefits of meditation but don’t know how to do it? Have you tried to meditate but become frustrated, or concluded that you just can’t do it? Jeff Harmes will lead a one hour + class which will cover: (1) the benefits of meditation, (2) a variety of methods for meditating, and (3) how to incorporate meditation into your life. Wear comfortable clothing, written materials will be provided.


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Ski Conditioning

Ages 16 and up. Join our Winter Ski Conditioning Class and prepare to conquer the mountains with confidence and skill!  Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a newbie hitting the slopes for the first time, this class is designed to help you optimize your winter sports performance and minimize the risk of injuries.  This class offers expert guidance as Kristine will lead you through a series of specialized exercises tailored to enhance your strength, balance, and agility.  The ski-specific workouts will focus on muscle groups essential for skiing, targeting your legs, core, and upper body.  Additionally, you will build stamina and improve cardiovascular health to keep you going all day long on the mountain.  Sign up today to connect with fellow winter sports enthusiasts in a motivating group setting!


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Winter/Spring Tri Circuit Training

Ages 16 and up. Join our Winter Triathlon Strength and Conditioning class and get ready to conquer your triathlon goals with confidence and endurance.  Whether you’re a seasoned triathlete or looking to take on your first triathlon, this class is designed to help you build the strength and stamina necessary to excel in this demanding sport.  Kristine will guide you through a comprehensive training program designed specifically for triathletes.  We’ll focus on enhancing your strength, endurance, and flexibility, targeting the swim, bike, and run components of the triathlon.  Build the stamina required for the intense cardiovascular demands of triathlon racing.  Work on strengthening your core muscles to improve posture and power during all three disciplines.  Sign up today to train alongside fellow triathletes, exchange tips, and stay motivated throughout the winter season. BIRC Tri in the Spring/Summer 2024


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Join us this spring for the inaugural Bainbridge Island Recreation Center Community Triathlon, a thrilling event that combines the best of indoor and outdoor fitness! Dive into the competition with a refreshing swim in our outside pool; pedal your way to victory on our spinning bikes; and finally, embrace the great outdoors as you enjoy a scenic running route. It’s the perfect blend of fitness, fun, and community spirit, so mark your calendars and get ready to tri-it-all! Spring 2024

Empower: Peri/Menopause Training

40 and up. Perimenopausal and menopausal coaching with newly certified Menopausal Coaching Specialist Kristine Cox.  Are you a woman in your 40’s, 50’s experiencing the unique challenges of perimenopause and menopause? Discover a holistic approach to wellness that combines strength training with expert coaching tailored to your specific needs.  Our comprehensive program empowers you to navigate the hormonal changes of this life change with confidence and vitality.  Learn the fundamentals of strength training, customized to your fitness level and goals.  Strengthen your muscles, bones, and joints to enhance overall health and maintain an active lifestyle.  Learn about hormone fluctuations, the importance of sleep and recovery, digestive issues, and pelvic floor health.  Connect with like-minded women in a supportive community.  Share experiences, exchange tips, and build lasting friendships as you embark on this transformative journey together.  Join our program and take charge of your physical and emotional health during perimenopause and menopause.  Embrace strength, resilience, and a vibrant future.  It’s time to flourish in your 40s and beyond! Email for private one on one coaching.