Bainbridge Island Recreation Center

Small Group Training

We’re working hard to offer various classes for various ages. Small group classes range in size from 4-6 people. Register for these classes online or at the front desk. For more information, contact Marie Figgins at

All class prices below are Member/Non-Member.

TRX HIIT with Kristine

Ages 16 and up. Get strong, reduce body fat, and increase core stability with TRX.

Kristine will combine TRX’s low-impact strength training with fun plyometrics and resistance tubing to create a fantastic total body workout. Develop and maintain a solid core with increased flexibility and endurance while burning calories and increasing your strength. Each session will include cardio and strength intervals in the popular HIIT format.

01        MW     10:30-11:30a   09/12-10/5      $104/$119

02        MW     10:30-11:30a   10/17-11/9      $104/$119

03        MW     10:30a-11:30   11/14-12/14    $104/$119


TRX with Marie

Ages 16 and up. Utilize the strong, versatile TRX® straps to leverage individual bodyweight into

hundreds of safe, practical exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, and balance with a focus on the core. Get a great cardio strength workout!

01        TTh      9:00-10:00a     9/13-10/6        $104/$119

02        TTh      9:00-10:00a     10/11-11/3      $104/$119

03        TTh      9:00-10:00a     11/08-12/8      $104/$119


Women on Weights

Ages 16+ and up. Women On Weights is a program designed to engage and teach women of all ages and abilities the importance of exercise, precisely that of Resistance Training. This 4-week program will teach participants proper activity techniques and the benefits of training.

01        MW     11:30a-12:30p             9/13-10/5        $104/$119

02        MW     11:30a-12:30p             10/17-11/9      $104/$119

03        MW     11:30a-12:30p             11/14-12/14    $104/$119



TRX is an acronym for total resistance exercise, a full-body workout involving suspension from specialized TRX training straps. One of the most celebrated benefits of TRX is its simplicity. Rather than relying on weights or other equipment, the exercises use your body weight as leverage, so they’re easy to perform and can be done almost anywhere.

Boxing can help improve your heart health, body composition, and strength, lower your blood pressure, and aid weight loss. Most of all, boxing is a fun way to exercise and release stress safely and healthily. We incorporate the fundamentals of boxing without combat but mix punching bags, mitts, and gloves.

TRX+Boxing is an excellent combination of total body cardio, core, and strength workout!

01        WF      12:00-1:00p     9/14-10/7         $104/$119

02        WF       12:00-1:00p     10/12-11/4      $104/$119

03        WF       12:00-1:00p     11/09-12/9      $104/$119


Winter Sports Conditioning with Stacey

Ski and snowboard fitness is built on three pillars: balance and coordination, muscular strength and power, and muscular endurance. Improve all three, and you’ll see a big difference in your abilities on the mountain. Whether you plan on hitting the backcountry or sticking to the groomed runs, start preparing in this class. We will work on cardio/endurance training. Core and lower body strength and stability. While simultaneously improving your balance and agility.

01        MW     6:00-7:00p       11/7-12/8        $104/$119



Yoga 101 with Carrie Strachan

This class teaches the basics of yoga, a combination of postures, body alignment, and breathing techniques to enhance your well-being and improve your health.  This series is perfectly paced for anyone brand new to yoga or for those who have been off their mat for a while and need a little refreshing.  No matter your body type, age, or level of flexibility & strength, this series will help you understand yoga, find optimal alignment for your body in each posture, feel more comfortable on your yoga mat and equip you to move on to attend group yoga classes.

01        TTh      10:30-11:30a   9/13-10/6        $104/$119

02        TTh      10:30-11:30a   10/17-11/10    $104/$119


Aerial Yoga Intro with Bea

Ages 13+ Yoga in a silky hammock? We dare you not to smile or have FUN as you dangle upside-down and change your perspective. Our Intro to Aerial Yoga is an all-level class teaching foundational poses, inversions, and floating meditation with customized playlists. A great complement activity to build strength, flexibility, confidence, and balance and reduce stress/pain while learning to flip upside down safely. Hang with us and experience the benefits for yourself.

01        TTh      4:00-5:00p       9/27-10/20      $112/$127

02        MW     4:00-5:00p       10/10-11/2      $112/$127


Restorative Aerial Yoga NEW!

Explore a gentler side of aerial yoga. Your muscles have a mind of their own, and there is something to say about how your muscles “think.” They process the work you make them do, and they need time to recover. Learn how to use the hammock as a prop for restorative yoga poses, work at different hammock heights, and use longer holds and bolsters. All levels welcome seeking the recovery your body needs.

01        MW     10:00-11:00a   9/26-10/19      $112/$127

02        TTh      10:00-11:00a   10/10-11/2      $112/$127


Aerial Next Level

This class is a progression of the fundamentals of aerial yoga. We will explore how to access and incorporate safe inversions into your practice. Learn methods for modifying poses using your hammock. You will be offered engaging sequences to challenge yourself, deep dive, into specific poses with longer holds, and always end with a floating meditation to rest, renew, and rejuvenate your practice. Experience and completion of aerial yoga intro recommended.

01        MW     11:30-12:30p   10/19-11/9      $104/$119