Bainbridge Island Recreation Center

Small Group Training

Looking for the perfect blend of personal and group training? Our small group training classes blend personal training with our awesome fitness classes, offering a less intimidating environment where everyone works at their own pace. Small group training classes are limited in size, with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6-8 people.

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Small Group Training


TRX HIIT with Kristine

Get toned, reduce body fat, and increase core stability with TRX. Kristine will combine TRX’s low impact strength training with fun plyometrics and resistance tubing to create a fantastic total body workout. Develop and maintain a solid core with increased flexibility and endurance while burning calories and increasing your strength. Each session will include intervals of cardio and strength in the popular HIIT format.

MW | 10:30-11:30a | Session 1: 9/20-10/27, Session 2: 11/8-12/15 | $144 for 6 weeks


TRX with Marie

Utilize the strong, versatile TRX® straps to leverage individual bodyweight into hundreds of safe exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, and balance with focus on core. Come get a great cardio strength workout!

TTh | 9:00-10:00a | Session 1: 9/21-10/28, Session 2: 11/9-12/15 | $144 for 6 weeks


Boxing for Life with Marie

Our popular Boxing for Life program is a boxing-based fitness curriculum offered to those fighting a special condition. Whether it is Parkinson’s, Muscular Dystrophy, stroke patients, or other limitations, Boxing for Life gives hope to those of a special population by improving their quality of life through challenging the deterioration of motor skills, and range of motion on many levels. We incorporate the fundamentals of boxing without combat, but do mix in the use of punching bags, mitts and gloves. Boxing for Life works with participants to help improve strength, mobility, agility, balance, sensory function, and self-confidence. We encourage partner participation. Let’s fight together!

WF | 12:00-1:00p | Session 1: 9/20-10/27, Session 2: 11/1-12/8 | $144 for 6 weeks


“Return To Fitness” with Stacey

Functional fitness training to get your body back in shape. Learn functional exercises in a non-intimidating environment, learn modifications on exercises to suit your personal needs, and safely get back into fitness. The trainer will coach you from where you are based on your personal goals and a small group environment will help you to stay motivated and have fun.

MW | 6:00-7:00p | Session 2: 11/1-12/15 | $144 for 6 weeks