Bainbridge Island Recreation Center

Small Group Training

We’re working hard to offer a wide variety of classes for a variety of ages. Small group classes range in size from 6-10 people. Register for these classes online or at the front desk.

For more information, contact Marie Figgins at


TRX HIIT with Kristine

Ages 16 and up. This class will combine TRX’s low impact strength training with fun plyometrics and resistance tubing to create a fantastic total body workout. Develop and maintain a solid core with increased flexibility and endurance while burning calories and increasing your strength. Each session will include intervals of cardio and strength in the popular HIIT format.

Section 01                 MW          10:30-11:30a            2/28-3/30                  $120 (10 classes)
Section 02                 MW          10:30-11:30a            4/11-5/25                  $168 (14 classes)


TRX with Marie

Ages 16 and up. Utilize the strong, versatile TRX® straps to leverage individual bodyweight into hundreds of safe exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, and balance with focus on core. Come get a great cardio strength workout!

Section 01                 TTh           9:00-10:00a              1/18-2/15                  $108 (9 classes)
Section 02                 TTh           9:00-10:00a              3/1-3/31                    $120 (10 classes)
Section 03                 TTH           9:00-10:00a              4/12-5/26                  $168 (14 classes)


Boxing For Life with Marie

We incorporate the fundamentals of boxing without combat, but do mix in the use of punching bags, mitts, and gloves. Boxing for Life works with participants to help improve strength, mobility, agility, balance, sensory function, and self-confidence. Let’s fight together!

Section 01                 WF            12:00-1:00p              1/19-2/18                  $108(10 classes)
Section 02                 WF            12:00-1:00p              3/2-4/1                      $108 (10 classes)
Section 03                 WF            12:00-1:00p              4/13-5/28                  $168 (14 classes)


Intro To Aerial Yoga with Bea NEW!

Ages 18 and up. Who knew yoga could be this much fun? Aerial Yoga uses a silk hammock as a prop for all levels from gentle therapeutic to power poses to cardio stamina. It allows you to deepen your stretch, correct your alignment and safely perform inversions. The hammock literally changes your perspective and provides many health benefits: cardiovascular, lymphatic, endocrine, nervous system, and sleep. Whether you’re wanting to try aerial yoga for weight loss, back pain, strength building, or flexibility training then you’ll enjoy the sensation of floating in air. Come hang with us!

Section 01                 TTh           9:30-10:30a              3/15-4/14                  $120 (10 classes)
Section 02                 TTh           9:30-10:30a              5/17-6/9                    $96 (8 classes)


HIIT Cardio and Strength with Kristine

Ages 16 and up. Looking for a fun motivating class to hold yourself accountable? Our HIIT Cardio and Strength program is for you. Using a variety of equipment with set intervals in a HIIT format (High Intensity Interval Training), this class will help you learn proper form, build muscle, and increase your endurance. All fitness levels welcomed and encouraged.

Section 01                 TTh           10:30-11:30a            3/1-3/31                    $120 (10 classes)
Section 02                 TTh           10:30-11:30a            4/12-5/26                  $168 (14 classes)


Stretching 101

Ages 18 and up. Stretching is an important, yet often neglected part of fitness. In this class, Maggie Miller, PT, CSCS will teach you how, when and what to stretch. Maggie will lead you through a self-assessment where you will learn which areas of your body need attention so you can stretch more effectively.

Section 01                 W              11:30a-2:30p            3/23                            $22
Section 02                 W              11:30a-2:30p            3/30                            $22


Backpack Fitness Readiness NEW! 

Ages 13 and up. Backpacking season is almost here, so get ready for it and reduce your risk of injury. We’ll work on increasing strength and endurance as we challenge your total body, so when you’re ready to put on that pack and climb a trail, you’ll be ready! 

Section 01                 TTh           4:30-5:30p                4/12-5/26                  $168 (14 classes)


Watersports Fitness Readiness NEW! 

Ages 13 and up. Do you want to improve your kayaking and paddle boarding? Come to a class specifically designed to improve your strength and balance so you can get out on the water with confidence!

Section 01                 MW          5:00-6:00p                4/11-5/25                  $168 (14 classes)


Athletic Performance — Speed, Agility, and Quickness NEW!

Ages 18 and up. Take your athletic performance to the next level with Maggie Miller, PT, CSCS.  In this class, you will focus on drills that will help you move faster and have more control on the field or court. We will work on reaction time, first step quickness, and light plyometrics. If you love to move, this is a fun and effective way to work-out! Appropriate for intermediate to advanced fitness levels.

Section 01                 MW          11:30a-12:30p          4/18-5/18                  $120 (10 classes)