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Personal Training

What is Personal Training?

Personal trainers give their clients the tools and knowledge to reach their goals. Your trainer will create a program tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Wherever you are in your fitness journey, your trainer will give you the guidance and support you need to reach your goals safely, using sustainable practices. Looking to get back in shape but need help figuring out where to start? Your trainer will teach you proper exercise techniques, promoting health and well-being while reducing the risk of injury. Have you been training on your own for a while and want to take things to the next level? Your trainer will create a program to help you break through plateaus and accelerate your progress. Ready to put reach your full potential? Sign up for a session with one of our excellent personal trainers and start seeing the results you deserve.

Personal Training Rates

Member Non-Member
One Hour Sessions $70 per session $88 per session
5-pack Sessions $333 $418
10-Pack Sessions $630 $792
30-Minute Sessions $35.50 $55
5-Pack Sessions $170 $261
10-Pack Sessions $320 $495

Partner Training

(2 people) One Hour

$44 per person


$50 per person

Group Training

(3-4 people) One Hour

$33 per person $39 per person

*WA state sales tax will be added to all services at the point of sale


We are excited to introduce our new Personal Training Program campaign to help individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels build foundational knowledge and skills of fitness in their lives!


Get a one-on-one assessment to determine which of our prebuilt training programs designed by our top-notch team of trainers works best for you, your schedule, skill level, and goals! Continued coaching will have your trainer review your workout logs weekly and make adjustments, recommendations, alterations, and continued support through an eight-week program.

Member:               $170 ($70 for in-person assessment + $100 for the written program)
Non-Member:     $238 ($88 for in-person assessment + $150 for the written program)

Member with program coaching*:
$370 ($70 for in-person assessment and $100 for your written program, $200 coaching)
Non-Member with program coaching*:
$458 ($88 for in-person assessment + $150 for your written program, $250 coaching)
*Coaching will be done virtually through the program with your trainer during work hours. Additional in-person sessions are sold separately.


A custom program made specifically for your needs and goals. Five sessions working with one of our trainers to fine-tune a custom five-week program tailored to your lifestyle and goals! Continued program coaching will apply throughout your program, not during your assessment sessions.
Member:                $700 ($333 for in-person sessions, $200 for coaching, and $150-$200 for your written program)
Non-Member:      $918 ($418 for in-person sessions, $250 for coaching, and $300 for your written program)

For those who want a complete custom training program, our ten-session program pack will spend five sessions working with you to create a custom program catered to your needs and goals. After which, another five sessions can be spent going through your workout program alongside you! Continued program coaching will apply once your program has started during your remaining five sessions.
Member:              $1,030 ($630 for in-person sessions, $200 for coaching, and $200 for your written program)
Non-Member:     $1,342 ($792 for in-person sessions, $250 for coaching, and $300 for your written program)

Training Staff

Bainbridge Island Recreation Center is pleased to bring you a well-rounded team of fitness professionals to service all your individual needs. Each fitness team member is certified by a nationally recognized certifying body and brings a unique style and personality to their work.

Kristine Cox

Kristine Cox

ACE-CPT, TRX, Group Fitness

As a lifelong competitive and former collegiate swimmer, Kristine loves to train and compete. She currently holds several U.S. Masters Swimming records at the state and zone levels. Kristine began teaching group exercise in 2010. A few years later, she began coaching youth and masters’ swimmers in Oregon. After a relocation to Bainbridge Island, Kristine continued her career in athletics – teaching and training at Bainbridge Athletic Club and coaching boys and girls swimming at Bainbridge High School.  Kristine began training and teaching at BIRC in fall of 2021.  Kristine’s areas of focus include functional movement training, sport-specific conditioning, and TRX. Kristine holds a Bachelor of Science from Willamette University, is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Menopause Coach, a USA Swimming Coach, and is an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor with additional certifications in TRX, Barre, and Indoor Cycling.  She is also the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at King Aquatic Club in Tacoma. 

Marie Figgins

Marie Figgins

ACE-CPT, TRX, Group Fitness

Marie began teaching group exercise classes at the YMCA in West Seattle in 2010. After realizing how much she enjoyed being involved in the fitness industry, she continued to get her personal training certification in 2012. Marie aims to reach people of all ages and levels of fitness. She aims to help her clients make fitness and good health a way of life and have fun. Marie implements that same motto and spends time weightlifting, dancing, and running. “I believe that we train for life to make us strong in our everyday activities – mentally, physically, and spiritually. Anyone can reach their fitness goals with support, consistency, and motivation!”

Heather Kirkwood

Heather Kirkwood

ACE-CPT, Senior Recreation Instructor


My name is Heather Kirkwood.  I am extremely excited to join the team of Personal Trainers here at the Bainbridge Island Recreation Center.  I am a certified Personal Trainer Certificate through Ace Fitness.  I’ve been a Washingtonian my entire life. I am the proud mother of a diverse family, and my husband and I have three amazing boys ages 17, 11, and 8. Our boys are extremely active in sports such as tennis, hockey, soccer, and track. 

I’ve witnessed so many youth injuries due to improper movement, training technique, or simply not working the right muscles for the right sport. Because of this, I have a passion for sports performance and training both youths and adults. 

Through my time as a health coach/trainer at the YMCA, I made it my mission to help clients feel at “home” at the gym. We all have different reactions to the word “fitness”. For some, it is exciting, while for others, it may be intimidating and often depressing. If you are excited about fitness and you need assistance reaching that next level, I want to help. If you are intimidated by the word “fitness” and you feel overwhelmed, or depressed about where to start, I want to help.  

You will likely not dedicate yourself to something you don’t enjoy, so my goal is to help you find that joy and build your confidence. Once you find enjoyment meeting your fitness goals, nothing can stop you. Let’s work together to make your life happier, healthier, and more rewarding. 


Max Martin

Max Martin


Max has been a Personal Trainer since 2022, specializing in bodybuilding, powerlifting, strength, and conditioning. Max’s fitness journey has never been a straight line. Reaching 300lb at 13, he lost 140lb by age 15. After retiring from paddleboard racing due to a shoulder injury, he experienced a lack of consistency with his training that he didn’t realize was a fundamental component holding him back from living life to the fullest. Max specializes in working with teens and aims to help give them the structure and the fundamentals of fitness for a lifetime. Max believes that a truly healthy mind and heart need a healthy functioning body, and in today’s world, keeping a regular fitness schedule is a significant boost to anyone’s mental health. In his spare time, Max volunteers as a counselor and leader in his church’s local youth and kids’ programs and works with special needs youth in the community.

Maggie Miller

Maggie Miller


Maggie is not currently accepting new clients.

Maggie has over 20 years of experience in orthopedic and sports physical therapy. She earned her Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification in 2003, a credential that recognizes knowledge and skill in athletes’ training. She has expertise in preventing knee injuries in female athletes and has been a featured speaker at the Washington State Strength and Conditioning Association’s Clinic several times. Maggie’s specialties include core training, injury recovery and prevention, sports-specific training, and sports performance enhancement. Maggie offers fee-based group training classes focusing on these topics throughout the year. The class content is based on current research, so participants learn what to do and why specific exercises are essential.

Book A Session

Training sessions are booked through the trainer of your choice. If you are unsure which trainer would be the best fit, please contact our Fitness Coordinator Marie Figgins via email at

Before Your Session

Each training session is approximately 60 minutes in length. This allows for an appropriate warm-up and cool-down during each training session. Please come prepared to work out in proper attire.

Cancelations and Refunds

We require 24-hour notice for cancellation. Please contact the trainer directly via email or call the Recreation Center at 206-842-5661. Late cancellations and no-shows will be charged for the session booked.

There are no refunds on service packages.