Bainbridge Island Recreation Center

Group Exercise Classes

Due to popularity, reservations for Group Exercise classes are required.  

Although we need to remain physically distant during this time, we are committed to staying emotionally and socially connected. Our group exercise instructors are looking forward to welcoming, motivating and inspiring you. Questions? Email our Group Exercise Coordinator Marie at

  • Please bring your own mat and a water bottle.

Classes are complimentary for BIRC Monthly Users. Reservations are required to ensure your spot in class. BIRC Monthly Users may reserve a spot up to 7 days prior to class. Drop-in Users may reserve up to 3 days prior to class. Please use the instructions below to make a reservation!

  1. Log in to your member account with the “Register Now” button below. Use your member ID number (on your membership card) for both the initial username and password if you have not already set up an account. You can also use the Forgot Username & Forgot Password links to help reset your log-in. If you are still receiving an error message, your account may need to be reset – please call the Recreation Center at 206-842-5661.
  2. Click My Activities, then Class Schedule.
  3. Select Date – Select day of or week of view (and use the calendar icon to find a specific date) to see available options.
  4. Select Category – Choose Group Exercise to narrow your search results.
  5. Click on your desired class and continue on to next page to submit.
BIRC Instructor-Taught Classes

Barre: This class targets the core, legs, glutes, and arms. Full body toning, with plenty of stretching, and no impact. May utilize, bands, ball, bar, stability ball, and hand weights. A combination of Pilates, yoga, and ballet.

Body Blast: Feel the burn head to toe. You will work with various cardio and strength equipment to work yourself into the zone of no return. Expect to run, jump, and to do plyometric moves. Modifications are given by instructors.

Boot Camp: An interval training class that mixes calisthenics and body weight exercise with cardio and strength training.

Cardio Strength: Cardio Strength is an energetic cardio workout using your body, weights, and bands to train fitness, agility, coordination, and strength. Cardio Strength appeals to a diverse population that is seeking a very sport-inspired, cardio workout.

Chair Yoga: Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga done while sitting. It is an ideal exercise for those suffering from conditions, such as chronic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoporosis, and multiple sclerosis.

Core Conditioning: Want to improve balance, core strength, and stability? Core conditioning is a class encouraging participants to utilize body weight exercises for developing core strength by training muscles in the lower back, hips, and abdomen to work in harmony, thus supplementing activities of everyday living.

Hatha Yoga: The most widely practiced yoga in America, Hatha uses postures, breathing and meditation with the goal of bringing about a sound, healthy body, and a clear, peaceful mind.

Indoor Cycling: Start your day with a gentle warm-up and deep breathing exercises which escalates to drills designed to give you better wattage through cadence. Cyclists and cross training athletes will benefit from an emphasis on techniques which reduce stress on ligaments and tendons, develop and improve cardiovascular capacity, explore various intensities which draw upon blood glucose and muscle glycogen, and put you in a good position to proceed with the rest of your day.

Mat Pilates: Is a strengthening and lengthening form of exercise that focuses on your core muscles while also training your arms and legs.

Power Yoga: Feel the heat in this dynamic and challenging flow class that blends several styles of yoga to balance mind and body, strength and flexibility, endurance, and relaxation. While modifications are offered to ensure each student’s safety and success, prior yoga experience is recommended. Level II–III+.

Silver Sneakers Classic: Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living skills. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a ball are offered for resistance, and a chair is used for seated and/or standing support.

Vinyasa Yoga: Balanced Hatha Yoga, breath and movement are synchronized within and between postures (Asanya). Special attention is paid to alignment, lines of energy, bandha, and breathing techniques (Pranayama).

Yoga for Everyone: A multi-level Vinyasa class. Modifications will be offered for gentle, intermediate, and advanced practice. This class offers strength, flexibility, concentration, and breath work.

Yoga Sculpt: Is a class that incorporates hand weights and high intensity cardio bursts for a maximum calorie burning effect.  

Fitness On Demand Virtual Classes:

Dance Kickboxing: Get ready to PUSH your limits with this dance and cardio kickboxing workout from Joseph D. You’re in for a killer workout, and Joseph’s infectious energy will have you smiling while you kick, pop it, and squat. Get ready to sweat!

Kickboxing: Muay Thai kickboxer Leanne Pedante guides you through this 30-minute Killer Cardio Kickboxing routine! Warm-up with basic strikes & technique work, then you’ll jump into 5 rounds of straight shadowboxing. Get ready to kick, punch, and torch major calories!

Pilates: Tone every inch of your body with this full-body cardio Pilates workout with Lisa Corsello, founder, and owner of Burn Pilates. Just grab a light and medium set of hand weights and get ready to work!

Xtreme HIIT: This class offers two incredible 30-min full-body, high-intensity workouts. It’s a fast-paced combo of dynamic functional strength moves & intense cardio bursts. Modifications are provided, so no matter what fitness level you’re at, you will get the most out of this program.

Vinyasa Yoga: A relaxing an easy-to-follow 30-minute yoga routine that will help you improve flexibility, tone your body, and release tension.