Bainbridge Island Recreation Center

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BIRC Pool Rules

  • Listen to the staff and follow the rules. The safety of our patrons and staff is priority number one! 
  • Children under 7 years old who are not level 4 swimmers, must have an adult (16+ years old) in the water with them within arm’s reach.  
  • Those under 8 years old are required to have an adult in the facility outside of specific programs, such as swim team. 
  •  Lap swimmers must be at least 8 years old and have a level 4 swimming skill and swim license. All lap swimmers must swim continuously. Adults have priority during lap swim time.  
  • Lifejackets are available for non-swimmers. Those wearing lifejackets or floatation devices must stay in the shallow water and within arm’s reach of an adult (16 years old+).  
  • Camps, birthday parties, classes, and other groups entering the Family Swim or Open Swim time must follow the same policies as previously stated relating to non-swimmers. In addition, the maximum an adult can be responsible for is four non-swimmers.  
  • No running or horseplay in or about the pool and dressing room areas.  
  • Pushing, hitting or general rough play is not permitted.  
  • No throwing toys or people in the pool or on deck.  
  • No one with open cuts, sores, diarrhea, or other communicable diseases may use the pool or spa at any time.
  • No pregnant women or anyone with an existing heart condition is allowed in the sauna without a doctor’s note.  
  • No one is allowed in the pool unless supervised by a qualified lifeguard or certified coach who is an employee of BIMPRD or authorized user 
  • Rinse in one of the on-deck or locker room showers prior to entering the pool or sauna.  
  • No chewing gum is allowed while swimming, lifeguarding, or instructing swimming as it may pose a choking hazard.  
  • No glass, rocks, or sharp objects in or around the pool area.  
  • No sitting or hanging on the lane lines. 
  • No splashing the guards or purposely distracting them in any way. For safety, they cannot afford to be distracted.  
  • No unnecessary screaming or yelling.  
  • No use of foul language.  
  • Parents helping children 3 years and older of the opposite sex dress should use the family changing rooms/bathrooms. Family changing rooms/bathrooms are provided for this purpose.  
  • No changing on deck.  
  • Persons shall not pollute the pool in any manner. Those not potty trained are required to wear a swimming diaper and utilize designated changing stations. 
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building, on deck, or the adjacent grounds.  

Floatation Equipment & Large Toys 

  • Only play equipment set out by the lifeguard staff may be utilized during Family and/or Open Swim times. Outside equipment or flotation devices must be approved by the supervisor.  
  • Diving rings are allowed.
  • No squirt guns.
  • No hard balls; beach balls are permitted. 
  • No standing on mats or other floatation devices. Keep mats at least three feet from the edge of the pool.  
  • No throwing toys or people in the pool or on deck.  


Deck Etiquette 

  • Personal audio equipment must be kept at a level not to disrupt other users.  
  • Please be courteous and share lounge chairs. Please occupy a lounge chair for a maximum of 2 hours.  
  • Please clean up your garbage after yourself.