Bainbridge Island Recreation Center

Youth Tennis

The Bainbridge Island Recreation Center has four indoor full-size USTA tennis courts for open-court use, league, and ladder match play. Youth and adult classes, as well as group and private lessons, are available.

Current junior tennis class information can be found in our Recreation Connection catalog under the BIRC section. Register for classes online at the link below or call our Customer Service Desk at 206-842-2302.

Find players of your age and skill range with our tennis directory!

TOTS TENNIS (19”-21” Racket)

Ages 4-5. This class is geared toward the littlest tennis player at the beginning level. We start them off with basic stroke instruction. Players will develop listening skills, following directions, balance, and hand-eye coordination. We keep it fun and active while introducing them to the sport of a lifetime. Activity #112703

RED BALL (21”-23” Racket)

Ages 6-7. This is an active class where kids learn the fundamentals of tennis with skill-building exercises and games designed to improve and develop overall coordination/balance, self-confidence, and teamwork on the court. This class will help kids fall in love with tennis and transition to the next level. Activity #112736

ORANGE BALL (23”-25” Racket)

Ages 8-11.  Players must demonstrate a positive attitude and hard work ethic. Orange Ball Tennis will keep your child active and teach them fundamentals in technique and footwork, as well as introduce the concepts of rallying and point play. Further focus will develop your child’s athleticism, coordination, balance, and strength. Activity #112737

GREEN BALL (25”-27” Racket)

Ages 11-13.  Players must demonstrate a positive attitude and hard work ethic. Green Ball Tennis will emphasize proper technique and footwork. Further focus will extend into developing directional control, spin, and consistency. Activity #112738


Ages 13 and over. Players will need pro approval or completed Green Ball Tennis progress reports. Players must demonstrate a positive attitude and hard work ethic. Emphasis will be placed on developing better strength and balance as they become more comfortable with the bounce of a heavier, faster, and higher bouncing ball.   Players will also learn to structure points in addition to continued stroke development. Activity #112739


Pro approval is required. Players in this class have been playing Varsity Tennis. Players will continue to develop a variety of shots and improve their application in point-play situations. Players will receive experienced coaching and observation geared toward helping athletes better understand the choices they make during matches. Activity #112740


Ages 13-17. Tennis For Teens is a class for beginner to intermediate-level player who wants to improve their knowledge and skill set. This class will focus on understanding fundamental footwork, technique, and strategy better. This could also be a third day for our Green Ball players looking to transition into Challenger. We will work on rally skills and point play to improve each player’s overall game. Activity #112741


Sign up your youth for tennis fun with the BIRC’s experienced and fun tennis pros! The focus will remain on improving and developing their technique in fun and educated setting that will keep the kids moving and engaged. Be sure to send them with water and good tennis shoes. No crocs, sandals, or boots, please. No black-soled tennis shoes. Activewear is preferred.

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