Bainbridge Island Recreation Center

Recreation Programs

Kids Club

Wednesday: 5:00-7:00p
Saturday: 8:30-11:30a

To make or cancel a reservation, please call 206-842-5661


Kids Club welcomes any child ages 1-9 years old.



There is a one-hour minimum charge of $12.00 for members. $15.00 if using a Day Pass or Punch Card that day. Maximum of two hours total. A fee of $15.00 will be assessed if you are late picking up your child by more than five minutes.



Reservations are required for every child using our Kids Club and must be made 24 hours in advance. No drop-ins. A maximum of six children are allowed in the Kids Club at a time.

We will cancel the Kids Club session if no one is enrolled 24 hours in advance.



Cancelations must be made eight hours in advance to receive a refund. No refund will be available for no-shows.


  • A parent/guardian must be present at BIRC at all times. You may be contacted periodically to address your child’s needs (toileting, diapering, feeding, upset child, etc.).
  • A Child Service Agreement form must be read, filled out, and signed for all first-time children.
  • The time allotment is from one hour to two hours per session.


Health and Safety
  • In the interest of children with food allergies, food is not allowed in Kids Club. Bottles and sippy cups are permitted.
  • For the health protection of other children and the staff, please do not bring sick children into Kids Club. If your child appears to be sick, they may be turned away at the staff’s discretion.
  • Children must wear socks at all times. If they come without socks, they must wear their shoes.


Parent Notification
  • Each parent/guardian with a child in the Kids Club will be issued a wristband. The wristband must remain on until the parent/guardian picks up the child and leaves the facility.
  • Parents will be notified if a behavioral issue should arise so the case may be resolved.
  • Please let us know of any special needs your child may have so that we may address those needs.
  • Due to health code regulations, Kids Club personnel cannot change diapers during a child’s stay in Kids Club. Staff will inform a parent/guardian if a diaper change or toileting is needed. Please let staff know if your child is potty trained or has specific needs.



We have a variety of toys that we wash regularly, so we ask that children not bring toys from home. We don’t want anything special to get lost or broken!



Kids Club Agreement Form
Kids Club Info Sheet
Youth General Liability Waiver 


The Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District offers various classes and programs for adults and children of all ages. A complete listing of everything we offer is published three times a year in our catalog and mailed out to all households on the island.

Click here to view our program catalog and how to register! 

Youth Orientation Checklist
Junior Fitness Certification Checklist

Open Gym Calendar

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Birthday Parties

Contact Julie Miller at for more information.


Tennis and Pickleball Classes
Fitness and Exercise

Open Gyms

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Gym Rentals

The Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District has various athletic fields and sports facilities for public recreational use that can be either reserved or used on a drop-in basis. The oversight of these fields and facilities is the Park District’s responsibility and includes their administration, operation, and maintenance. In addition, the Park Services Division of the Park District monitors User Group activities to ensure the fields are correctly used and are safe and useable for the public. The Park District also manages the scheduling for all athletic fields and sports facilities.


Who Can Reserve the BIRC Gym?
  1. BIRC Members
  2. Bainbridge Island School District
  3. Sports associations, leagues, and teams
  4. Non-profit organizations
  5. Businesses
  6. Organizations
  7. BIRC Non-Members


Scheduling Priorities
  1. Park District programs or co-sponsored programs
  2. BIRC Members
  3. Bainbridge Island School District
  4. Non-Profit Organization
    • Fulfills a community recreational need
    • Cost recovery is fee-based
    • Organized by a registered non-profit organization
    • Open mainly to members of a specific organization.
  5. Private Leagues
  6. Non-Members, Private Groups, Events, and General Public
    • A one-time, non-profit event for members of a specific organization or group (i.e., company tournament).
    • Individual teams or User Groups that do not meet the descriptions of prior categories.

The following additional factors may also be taken into consideration:

  • The benefit to the residents of Bainbridge Island
  • Type of event (national, regional, state, or local)
  • Past field use history and dates of events
  • Seasonal activities versus non-seasonal activities
  • Impact of use on the surrounding neighborhood
  • Scheduled games versus practices
  • Diversity of recreational opportunities


Steps to Reserve the Recreation Center Gym
  1. Complete the rental application. If you would like to obtain a rental application form, please click here.
  2. Return the completed rental application to the Park District. Staff will review it and contact you to confirm dates if available.
  3. Submit payment.


What can the gym be rented for?

The BIRC gym is lined for basketball, volleyball, and pickleball. It can be rented for sports, birthdays, and events.


When is the gym available to rent?

The BIRC gym has limited hours available for rental.



Contact for Field & Sports Facility Rental Requests & Tournaments:
Sports Program Coordinator
Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District
206.842.5661 #114